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Business productivity slips amidst the pandemic: study

A recent report, titled ‘Future of Work accelerated: Learnings from the COVID-19 Pandemic’ by Deloitte India has divulged that even as business productivity has suffered during the coronavirus crisis by reducing revenues and output, individual productivity has increased. The finding is based on surveying and talking to CXOs of 42 Indian companies.

While 10%  of companies said there was no impact on individual productivity; business productivity has decreased for 99% of all companies surveyed. 60% of the firms reported an increase in individual employee productivity.

“Organisations will refocus on the gig workforce due to an acceleration in work-from-home and ‘phygital’ workspaces,” Nikhil Kolur, director, Deloitte India. A ‘phygital’ workspace entails a combination of physical and digital workspaces. He added that the use of automation, cognitive technology and future workplace models would emerge as competitive advantages for companies.

The study also took an account of the enormous emotional challenge for employees owing to the ongoing health crisis.