Tea Production Rises, Export Reaches 35 Years High

June 18, 2016

Tea production in India saw a record high in 2015-16, stood at 1,233 million Kg. Exports remained 35 year high, standing at 232.9 million Kg valued at Rs. 4,493 crore. The production of crush-tear-curl (CTC) was 91 per cent in the total output, standing at around 1121 million Kg.

During 1980-81, India had exported 231.7 million Kg and since then it had not crossed that level except the current one. According to Tea Board, domestic production grew by 3 per cent or around 36 million Kg in 2015-16 as compared to the previous year, whereas exports rose by around 17 per cent or 33.8 million Kg.