Tamil Nadu paves the way for Indian IT industry to be unionized

June 9, 2016

Tamil Nadu government’s recent response to a petition allowing formation of unions in IT companies could come as a relief to many, but will not be received well by company managements. While the IT employees and unions calls it a good move by the government and on the other, the companies are not very supportive to this idea.

This response from the government came after a petition was filed by Puthiya Jananayaga Thozhilalar Munnani seeking a platform for the IT employees to redress their grievances. Recently more than 1500 engineering students were left in the lurch after their hiring was cancelled by L&T Infotech, and in such a situation, unions are the need of the hour, say employees.

Karthik Shekar, General Secretary of an IT union called UNITES says that IT companies in Europe have unions and the decisions are taken after considering the views of the unions. It is in contrary to the fact that the same companies do not permit the functioning of unions. This has to be viewed as upcoming set back to the healthy work environment prevailing in the IT industry.