Strong prospects for thermoplastic concentrates continues in NAFTA market

July 19, 2016

The NAFTA market for thermoplastic concentrates continues to have strong prospects for growth and market penetration, according to the latest research from AMI Consulting. At the same time there are new opportunities of profit from increased customer service needs among major brands. In recent years the market has seen a period of sustained growth making it an ideal place to develop new colors and property enhancing products.

For many years the industry in NAFTA have outperformed the overall polymer industry as plastics processors were recognized for their technical and business advantages of using concentrate over compound and other systems. Although in the future the delta between polymer growth and concentrate market advance will narrow, the prospects are still very good in value added areas such as custom color and additive materials.

The opportunities in the marketplace will have a major impact on company strategy. The NAFTA market is seeing a considerable volume of new investment not only from the traditional major players but also from new market entrants. This will only emphasize the competitive nature of the market where there have been clear winners and losers in recent years with some players cutting back their activities and closing plants while others have sought wider or new markets to sustain their business.