Government allows pulse import of 6 lakh tons

June 17, 2016

To curb the issue of soaring prices, Government has ordered import of 6.5 lakh tonnes of pulses. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs has also asked the states to “resort to all possible means” to ensure that pulses are not sold beyond Rs 120 per Kg.

The Ministry of Shipping too has been instructed to keep eye on pulses landing at ports to check hoarding. The Government is also looking for the possibility of leasing land in Mozambique to grow pulses for the country to diminish the supply issues.

According to the Consumer Affairs Secretary Hem Pandey, the government has approved imports of 3 lakh tonnes green lentil, 2 lakh tonnes yellow peas, 1 lakh tonne red lentil and 20,000 tonnes each of Tur and Urad.