China may allow access to Indian Non-Basmati

September 6, 2016

China is likely to allow access to Indian non-basmati rice in its market, following the non pending request from India. Seeing the surging trade deficit with China, the centre has urged to diversify the list of product exported to China.

India has requested to allow the access of many goods in China including non-basmati rice, pharmaceuticals and several fruits and vegetables among others. The reason for the reluctance for Indian non-basmati rice was non-compliance with the Chinese norms on quality, health and safety as it was anticipated that the pest called “Khapra beetle” (Cabinet Beetle) is being transported along with the Indian non-basmati consignment to China.

Chinese official have agreed to visit India during the 19-28 September to inspect the mills registered with the National Plant Protection Organization (NPPO).