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Indian Ambassador to Mexico felicitated by TPCI

TPCI’s Mr. Suresh Kr. Makhijani (Jt. DG) felicitated Mr. Muktesh K. Pardeshi (India’s ambassador to Mexico) with a bouquet when the later visited the Source India pavilion hoisted by TPCI at Expo Cihac exhibition in Mexico City, Mexico, where 45 Indian companies from construction industry participated. Speaking after the inauguration, Mr. Muktesh K. Pardeshi elaborated on the growth in India-Mexico ties when he said: “Bilateral trade between India and Mexico is continuously on the rise. Recent years have seen sharp spurt in bilateral trade and investment. India-Mexico bilateral trade has grown to US$ 8.37 bn in 2017 (CY), an unprecedented 33% increase against 2016. India’s overall export to Mexico has increased by 17.09% in 2018 compared to the previous year. All commodity exports in 2018 stood at 1,687.993 million dollars compared to 1,441.629 million dollars the previous year and 1,410.901 million dollars in 2016. Chief commodities include Vehicles (except Railway or Tramway) and parts, etc. that fetched 631.479 million dollars. This was followed by export of organic chemicals amounting to 154.650 million dollars, Nuclear Reactors and its parts amounting to 162.846 million dollars and electric, sound and TV equipments which brought in 116.295 million dollars for the country. The trade balance is in favour of India (1.67bn) at the moment.”

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