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Chinese delegations visits TPCI

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) met the TPCI Chairman Mr. Mohit Singla at TPCI office in New Delhi on 21st May 2019. The meeting was held to explore how colorations of both the councils can help leverage overall trade. TPCI requested CCPIT to participate in the Indus Food Tech which will be held in January 2020. Also, both sides explore the possibility of participation and sending the business delegation to each other countries.


[Left to Right]: Mr. Sandip Das (Director Events, TPCI), Mr. Huang Huajing (CCPIT), Mr. Mohit Singla (Chairman, TPCI), Mr. Wang Jupeng & his wife (CCPIT) and Mr. Suresh Kumar Makhijani (Jt. DG, TPCI) during the Chinese delegation visit.

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