ESG and exports_TPCI
Impact of European Union’s ESG Regulations on Indian Exports

With growing prominence of ESG regulations, companies will have to ensure that its business partners institute human rights, environmental and good governance policies in line with its compliance of d...

Carbon Border Tax & its impact on India’s foreign trade

While discussing EU's proposed Carbon Border Tax, Dr Saon Ray, Visiting Professor at ICRIER, feels that India must first understand and analyze the idea of the legislation, and its broader implication...

Export growth_India_TPCI
Understanding India’s export outperformance

India is standing out among major economies in terms of rebound in exports. Growth in exports of goods during Jan-Jun 2021 stood at 46.9% yoy, while import growth equaled 50%. This infographic analyse...

India & Lebanon should target US$ 500 million trade in few years

HE Dr. Suhel Ajaz Khan, Ambassador of India to Lebanon, asserts that India and Lebanon have significant goodwill and synergy to enhance their trade from the current modest levels. He proposes a five-p...

India-UAE ties in a post-pandemic world

India & UAE have come a long way in their five-decade-long partnership. As they look at economic recovery in a post-pandemic world, they must bolster cooperation on various facets of their comprehensi...

India and Chile plan to expand the PTA and include services and investment

HE Mr. Juan Rolando Angulo Monsalve, Ambassador of Chile to India, talks about the trade relationship between India and Chile. While discussing the planned PTA expansion and focus areas of renewable e...

Professor Manoj Pant, Director, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade
Foreign Trade Policy should holistically focus on trade & investment

Prof Manoj Pant, Director, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, discusses the trends in global trade over the past 5 years and how policymakers should approach the Foreign Trade Policy 2021-26 with Indi...

India-Uzbekistan Summit
India-Uzbekistan: A rejuvenating strategic partnership

India's engagement with Uzbekistan can lead to stellar gains for trade, investment and regional connectivity. But it is urgent to address stringent non-tariff barriers constraining the partnership....

India’s merchandise trade: Recovering from pandemic blues

India’s trade of goods over the past fiscal year has experienced a lot of fluctuations owing to factors like supply chain disruptions at a massive scale, cancellation of orders and overall fall in c...

India-china-bangladesh TPCI
India-Bangladesh trade, and the tricky Chinese connect

India was the largest exporter to Bangladesh initially, but has been replaced by China over the years. Both Bangladesh and India need to work on collaborative mechanisms to boost their trade relations...

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