Technology in food industry_TPCI
Technology disruptions transforming the food industry

When the COVID-19 pandemic first enveloped the world in 2020, the F&B industry saw clear indicators of paradigm shifts in the business landscape. From e-commerce to cloud kitchens to the influx of IoT...

Technology in Indian agriculture should not displace labour

Jayan Jose Thomas, Professor of Economics at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, asserts that on a macro basis, India does not face labour shortage, though it may be relevant for specific region...

The next decade could see many Indian innovative companies emerge

C S Murali, Chairman, Entrepreneurship Cell, Society for Innovation and Development, IISc Bangalore, discusses how the institute’s STEM incubation cell handholds startups towards successful commerci...

Analysing India’s Export Performance of Capital Goods - TPCI IBT
Capital goods exports: Missing the punch?

India’s exports of capital goods increased by almost US$ 23 billion till 2018. But during the same time frame, imports proliferated by US$ 68.7 billion, which is roughly three times. To develop as a...

India-Japan bilateral trade relations
Tricky journey to the heart of Japan

The Indo-Japan relationship has not translated into gains for India in terms of FDI as well as access to the Japanese market. While Japan needs to bring down its regulatory and import barriers for foc...

Job Market
Post-COVID jobs: At the crossroads of technology, humanity & planet

Jobs of the future will reflect new technologies and paradigms with the rise in green economy jobs, roles in engineering, Big Data and AI as well as traditional roles that emphasise greater human inte...

Ashutosh Gupta
Post-COVID, professionals are investing in learning to stay future ready

Ashutosh Gupta, India Country Manager, LinkedIn affirms that professionals have placed their faith in ‘learning’ to grapple with the new post-COVID reality, become future-proof, and stay productiv...

Rohit Mahajan
Business continuity post-COVID: Adapt to the ‘now’ to thrive in the ‘next’

Rohit Mahajan, President, Risk Advisory, Deloitte India, believes that amidst the business continuity challenges affecting companies post-COVID, the pace of recovery of organisations has been directly...

Laura Demetris UK TPCI
UK and India have common interests in innovation & entrepreneurship

Laura Demetris, Deputy Director for Investment and Marketing - South Asia at British High Commission, envisions the India-UK relationship as highly symbiotic, with the two countries responsible for ha...

Amaresh Chakrabarti, IISC, manufacturing
Why the glass is half-full for Indian manufacturing!

Amaresh Chakrabarti, Senior Professor and Chairman, Centre for Product Design & Manufacturing, IISc, explains how the institute is creating innovator entrepreneurs and also enabling effective interfac...

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