Prof Brajesh Jha
Demand for agricultural labour in India is highly skewed

Prof. Brajesh Jha, Institute of Economic Growth, asserts that labour shortage is a critical issue to be tackled for strengthening India's agriculture sector. He suggests that the non-agricultural sect...

TPCI_Tripathi Rao economy _900x600
Indian economy needs strong immunity boosters

Prof D. Tripati Rao, IIM Lucknow opines that India needs to swiftly move from fiscal “Band-Aids” to counter-cyclical fiscal boosters to prevent the economy slipping into stagflationary spiral with...

Rohit Mahajan
Business continuity post-COVID: Adapt to the ‘now’ to thrive in the ‘next’

Rohit Mahajan, President, Risk Advisory, Deloitte India, believes that amidst the business continuity challenges affecting companies post-COVID, the pace of recovery of organisations has been directly...

Indian agriculture’s investment riddle

National public investments in agricultural R&D, along with technology spillovers from other countries and the private sector, are significant sources of new technology driving growth in agriculture...

Meeting India’s growing demand for saffron

India is facing serious challenges with falling saffron production. Revival must focus on increasing productivity as well as area of production. ...

Slowing productivity growth in developed countries

The slowdown in international trade flows is constraining productivity growth in developed countries. In particular, subdued export growth limits the benefits derived from economies of scale and the a...

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