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Textile & apparel: Weaving a new success story?

The textile and apparel industry of India holds a huge share of India's export basket and has evolved over the last few decades. COVID-19 has disrupted the sector but eventually the lost momentum is r...

Indian export pharma and food sector
Mixed bag for India’s exports so far in pandemic year

As India endeavours to stem the decline in exports of key sectors like engineering goods, gems & jewellery, readymade garments and leather, it has an opportunity to capitalise on the positive trend in...

N 95 Masks
Potential export windfall for N-95 mask makers

A number of businesses had pivoted to the manufacturing of PPE kits during the lockdown period. Now, the lifting of export restrictions on N-95 masks could raise exports by Rs 1,000 crore annually, ac...

Mr. Amit Shah innovation uflex
Agility and innovation will be key in the post-COVID world

Amit Shah, Joint President, Flexible Packaging Business at UFlex, elaborates on how the company quickly bounced back on its operations and delivered benchmark product innovations to fight the COVID-19...

COVID-19: A boomerang for the plastic industry?

Increasing usage of plastics to meet the demand for PPEs post-COVID has led to a steep rise in biomedical waste. Stakeholders need to ensure proper management and recycling of plastic waste through se...

COVID-19 has re-emphasised that plastic by itself is not a problem

Amidst concerns over growing plastic waste from the medical industry post-COVID, Sourabh Manuja, TERI, emphasises on the virtues of Reduce, Reuse & Recycle....

Sanjiv Bhaskar
India has a golden opportunity to be a PPE manufacturing hub

Sanjiv Bhaskar, Vice President of Research - Chemicals, Materials & Nutrition, Frost & Sullivan - North America, opines that once Indian companies get in sync with standards and pricing, medical and i...

PPE Kits
PPE industry: India’s moment in the sun?

India has emerged the second largest PPE manufacturer in the world, but can it also evolve into a major export hub? India Business & Trade analyses the growth prospects and challenges for India's budd...

Dr. A. Sakthivel
PPE exports: Proper guidance and compliance support critical

Dr A. Sakthivel, Chairman, AEPC is confident about India's potential in the PPE market, but stresses on strengthening supply chain & adherence to standards. ...

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