Personal Protective Equipment

COVID-19: A boomerang for the plastic industry?

Increasing usage of plastics to meet the demand for PPEs post-COVID has led to a steep rise in biomedical waste. Stakeholders need to ensure proper management and recycling of plastic waste through se...

COVID-19 has re-emphasised that plastic by itself is not a problem

Amidst concerns over growing plastic waste from the medical industry post-COVID, Sourabh Manuja, TERI, emphasises on the virtues of Reduce, Reuse & Recycle....

Sanjiv Bhaskar
India has a golden opportunity to be a PPE manufacturing hub

Sanjiv Bhaskar, Vice President of Research - Chemicals, Materials & Nutrition, Frost & Sullivan - North America, opines that once Indian companies get in sync with standards and pricing, medical and i...

PPE Kits
PPE industry: India’s moment in the sun?

India has emerged the second largest PPE manufacturer in the world, but can it also evolve into a major export hub? India Business & Trade analyses the growth prospects and challenges for India's budd...

Dr. A. Sakthivel
PPE exports: Proper guidance and compliance support critical

Dr A. Sakthivel, Chairman, AEPC is confident about India's potential in the PPE market, but stresses on strengthening supply chain & adherence to standards. ...

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