non-Basmati Rice

HR Exports: Growing like the aroma of Basmati

With a rich legacy of 45 years in the Indian rice industry, H.R Exports has established itself as an esteemed manufacturer and exporter through its flagship brand, Shazia Basmati rice....

Trimax TPCI
Trimax International: An oasis of quality, backed by tradition

Leading rice exporter Trimax International is targeting greater traceability, market diversification and innovation to drive its growth....

Nathi Ram Gupta, President, AIREA rice
World saw India as a reliable supplier of rice post-COVID

Nathi Ram Gupta, President, AIREA, is confident of a new record in rice exports in the current financial year due to bans imposed by Thailand and Vietnam, higher production and higher buying by import...

Rice Export
A silver lining for Indian rice exports?

Rice exporters of India are expecting a windfall as Thailand and Vietnam suffer from droughts and crop losses respectively. However, the loss of access to the Iranian market for Basmati rice along wit...

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