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Sustaining the green shoots of Indian economy

The Indian economy is showing green shoots again after the brutal second wave of COVID-19 which almost paralyzed economic activity for a year. Exports are currently robust, and India has a critical wi...

Prof. Nilabja Ghosh
Post-COVID, the Indian economy has to make smart choices

Prof. Nilabja Ghosh asserts that large scale computerization and mechanization, which have accelerated due to COVID-19, will inevitably reduce labour intensity of production techniques that will not b...

Prof Rajeswari Sengupta_TPCI_Economy
Indian economy & Covid-19: Risk aversion may be higher in 2nd wave

Dr Rajeswari Sengupta, Assistant Professor at IGIDR, opines that trend of increased demand from international markets for merchandise goods will continue at least for one more year, which India must l...

Omita Unnarkar, Partner of Projuris Legal, New Delhi
Focus on innovation-based entrepreneurship for women

Omita Unnarkar, Partner of Projuris Legal, New Delhi based Law firm, and State President, Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry believes that the government, industry and civil society must ...

India’s merchandise trade: Recovering from pandemic blues

India’s trade of goods over the past fiscal year has experienced a lot of fluctuations owing to factors like supply chain disruptions at a massive scale, cancellation of orders and overall fall in c...

Prof Ramnath
Post-COVID economy: It’s not about shampoo and linen consumption anymore

Prof Ramnath Narayanswamy, IIM Bangalore, argues that consumption in the Indian economy has been rather mindless, and savings need to be encouraged for the economy going forward. Moreover, spending sh...

Trajectory of employment in post-COVID-19 India

COVID-19 is expected to have a deep impact on rural and urban employment in India. A unified labour market and universal social security system to ensure security, safety, and dignity to all workers....

Jeevant Rampal
“A faster economic recovery will also ensure fiscal health”

Prof Jeevant Rampal, IIM Ahmedabad, supports the argument that after safety has been ensured to the extent possible by improving health facilities rapidly, India can bounce back economically using exp...

Deep state intervention is a must to revive the economy

Prof D. Tripati Rao, IIM Lucknow, strongly supports the immediate employment of well-directed countercyclical fiscal levers by the government - goods and services, resources on transfer payments, and ...

Vishwanath Pingali
Post-COVID economy: Livelihood has started taking precedence

Prof  Viswanath Pingali, IIM Ahmedabad, cautions that if India continues with stringent measures to control the pandemic, we may not be able to ensure livelihoods for much longer. He also supports ur...

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