Dr Arpita Mukherjee TPCI IBT
Foreign trade policy should focus more on vision for trade

Dr Arpita Mukherjee, Professor at ICRIER, proposes a step-by-step framework for India’s Foreign Trade Policy, where India should look at success stories from other countries, make subsidies WTO-comp...

Intermediate goods trade: A reflection of GVC participation

India needs to enhance its trade in intermediate goods through removal of infrastructure bottlenecks, investments in skilling, enhancing of scale economies and supporting MSMEs to tap global markets.....

Analysing India’s Export Performance of Capital Goods - TPCI IBT
Capital goods exports: Missing the punch?

India’s exports of capital goods increased by almost US$ 23 billion till 2018. But during the same time frame, imports proliferated by US$ 68.7 billion, which is roughly three times. To develop as a...

Indian Economy- What has Quarter 2 brought?

India has entered into recession for the first time since 1996. But, Q2 has shown signs of a comeback for all sectors, except financial, real estate & professional services and public administration, ...

Nathi Ram Gupta, President, AIREA rice
World saw India as a reliable supplier of rice post-COVID

Nathi Ram Gupta, President, AIREA, is confident of a new record in rice exports in the current financial year due to bans imposed by Thailand and Vietnam, higher production and higher buying by import...

Vijay Rekhi
Single malt whisky business requires careful study of the economics

Vijay Rekhi, Founder Chairman, Vizanar Alcobev & FMCG Advisors, emphasises that Indian single malt whisky brands are not necessarily inferior, and brands like Paul John and Amrut have garnered acclaim...

Shrimp industry
Shrimp industry: A chance at redemption?

Faced with stringent timelines for its summer production cycle, the Indian shrimp industry was severely impacted by the lockdowns in the initial months of the pandemic. However, the industry has the o...

N 95 Masks
Potential export windfall for N-95 mask makers

A number of businesses had pivoted to the manufacturing of PPE kits during the lockdown period. Now, the lifting of export restrictions on N-95 masks could raise exports by Rs 1,000 crore annually, ac...

Business Terminology Rules of Origin
Rules of origin

Rules of origin are specific provisions designed to establish origin of good. They are important as duties & restrictions may depend upon source of imports....

TPCI_Freddy Svane
Denmark can help ‘Make in India’ lead to ‘Make India’

Freddy Svane, Ambassador at the Royal Danish Embassy in New Delhi, is positive that India-Denmark relations are currently at their best ever. He talks about the major contours of the Green Strategic P...

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