Kapil Malhotra
Featured Interview
PLI scheme could boost prospects for fluoropolymers

Kapil Malhotra, Senior Vice President - Marketing, with Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd, is confident of market revival post-COVID for fluoropolymers across end-use segments including automotive, healthca...

Mr. Amit Shah innovation uflex
Agility and innovation will be key in the post-COVID world

Amit Shah, Joint President, Flexible Packaging Business at UFlex, elaborates on how the company quickly bounced back on its operations and delivered benchmark product innovations to fight the COVID-19...

Telemedicine sector tpci
Is telemedicine the panacea that healthcare needs?

COVID-19 has led to a rapid adoption of telemedicine in India, but the model still faces challenges on language, trust data confidentiality, licensing, perception of impersonal care, information overl...

COVID-19: A boomerang for the plastic industry?

Increasing usage of plastics to meet the demand for PPEs post-COVID has led to a steep rise in biomedical waste. Stakeholders need to ensure proper management and recycling of plastic waste through se...

Vishwanath Pingali
Post-COVID economy: Livelihood has started taking precedence

Prof  Viswanath Pingali, IIM Ahmedabad, cautions that if India continues with stringent measures to control the pandemic, we may not be able to ensure livelihoods for much longer. He also supports ur...

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