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Food delivery
Reengineering the ’employment’ wheel

Ambrish Bajaj, Founder & CEO, Pragati Jobs discusses how his young startup, which has been set up to resolve blue-collar hiring challenges for HR teams, successfully acted on a business opportunity th...

Basanta K Sahu, farm reforms TPCI
India should boost exports of high value agriculture products

Dr. Basanta Sahu, IIFT, opines that India’s production advantages in food products offer a great opportunity to diversify its agricultural trade basket....

Indian Labours
Government or industry – Who picks the baton on employment?

The key to reviving employment in India is to spur investment from the industry in low-productivity sectors and further boost the startup ecosystem. In the long-term, the focus needs to be on investme...

Sunitha Raju IIFT
Post-COVID, India is uniquely positioned to improve its exports

Dr Sunitha Raju, IIFT, explains why India has high potential to improve trade post-COVID, given prospects of faster recovery in advanced economies and high income elasticity of its exports. Moreover, ...

Job Market
Post-COVID jobs: At the crossroads of technology, humanity & planet

Jobs of the future will reflect new technologies and paradigms with the rise in green economy jobs, roles in engineering, Big Data and AI as well as traditional roles that emphasise greater human inte...

TPCI_Tripathi Rao economy _900x600
Indian economy needs strong immunity boosters

Prof D. Tripati Rao, IIM Lucknow opines that India needs to swiftly move from fiscal “Band-Aids” to counter-cyclical fiscal boosters to prevent the economy slipping into stagflationary spiral with...

Sunitha-Raju economy TPCI
New normal for Indian economy entails push towards supply chain resilience & digital technology

After the sharp fall in GDP in the first quarter, projections indicate that India's economy is expected to return to positive growth only in 2021-22. While Dr Sunitha Raju, Indian Institute of Foreign...

Binod Khadria
Efforts to employ migrants can be linked to Aatmanirbhar Bharat

Prof. Binod Khadria, South Asia Chair, Metropolis Asia, feels that in the long run, efforts to employ migrants into the workforce have to be in coordination with ‘Aatmanirbhar’ mission of self-rel...

COVID-19 & Indian diaspora: An unpleasant homecoming?

India faces a tough challenge in creating decent jobs for returning diaspora post-COVID-19. A multipronged strategy would be needed to resolve this issue, which entails investments in human capital, r...

Tourism sector: Charting a post pandemic resurrection course

To counter the COVID-19 impact on tourism revenues, countries are exploring possible course corrections like bilateral travel bubbles, domestic tourism, travel insurance, mandatory screenings and touc...

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