Technology is at the core of neobanking

Mayank Goyal, the founder & CEO of moneyHOP, India’s first cross-border bank, explains that while neobanks are typically associated with fintech organizations, they would look at the more traditiona...

Cross border e-commerce_TPCI
Cross-border e-commerce: Is India missing out on a big export trend?

Export stakeholders in India are still looking at cross-border e-commerce (CBEC) as a fringe export business, unlike China, which has been pushing CBEC exports for over a decade now. This needs to cha...

A tangled web: Lockdown, e-commerce and smartphone sales

Regional lockdown curbs are creating major demand and supply side constraints for smartphone firms, which are expecting a sales shortfall of 5 million units. This necessitates interventions to address...

Indo-US ties under Biden: Retrieving the momentum

Indo-US relations may remain complex under the Joe Biden administration, even as the former can expect a more pragmatic and 'multilateral' approach on trade issues. However, in the aftermath of the pa...

Rohit Kulkarni
Indian brands face friction points for cross border e-commerce

Rohit Kulkarni, Vice President, Payoneer (India), explains that while brand building for small & medium businesses (SMBs) online may be difficult, it is essential to boost global growth. Indian SMEs n...

Will Dr Ngozi Okonjo’s stint at WTO be as historic as her appointment?

While the leadership change in the US may be a shot in the arm for new WTO Chief Dr Ngozi Okonjo, she has to walk a tightrope on a number of urgent issues. Arguably, the priority for her would be to e...

Start-up culture has led e-commerce to boom in India

Dr. Madhu Mandal, IIM Rohtak, opines that cross border trade is envisioned to be the future of e-commerce. She adds that because of cross border e-commerce advancements, there is a boom in other relat...

Will 2021 be the game changer for cross border e-commerce
Will 2021 be the game changer for cross border e-commerce?

India's e-commerce sector grew by leaps & bounds since April 2020 and is now 9th globally in cross border growth. This article analyses what benefits does cross border e-commerce trade have for Indian...

Dheer Shah, MD, Jivraj Assam tea
E-commerce helped our business survive the pandemic

Dheer Shah, MD, Jivraj Tea Company states that people started to rely upon online methods of buying essential FMCG goods to sourcing luxurious commodities....

COVID-19 has opened vistas to new markets for Indian ecommerce
COVID-19 has opened vistas to new markets for Indian e-commerce

Kausshal Dugarr, Founder and CEO of Teabox, India's luxury premium tea brand opines that Indian companies can connect with a global consumer base, which they may not have tried prior to Covid. He adds...

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