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SMEs can leverage the predictive capabilities of online platforms to advance their businesses B2B TPCI IBT
Companies should be cautious about digital over-reach

IIM Ahmedabad’s Prof. Anuj Kapoor posits that the omnichannel experience provides brands with an opportunity to present a more cohesive and seamless experience to customers who start their purchase ...

Online experience is about relationships, experiences & trust

DVR Seshadri, Director for ISB-CBM and Clinical Professor in the Marketing Area, Indian School of Business points out that for SMEs, using on-line platforms is a cost-effective way to grow their busin...

Prof. Seema Gupta
Podcasts will soon become popular in India

Prof. Seema Gupta, IIM Bangalore, opines that strategies like gamification, the use of apps and podcasts will become popular marketing tools....

Arpita Srivastava, Assistant Professor in the Marketing, XLRI- Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur
Customers do not like to be bombarded with ads

Prof. Arpita Srivastava, XLRI, opines that sentiment analysis is a great tool that helps brands understand what customers are thinking and interested in....

How Influencers reshaped Marketing during Covid-19
How Influencers reshaped Marketing during Covid-19

Expected to become a $10 billion-dollar industry by end of 2020, influencer marketing is adopted by an increasing number of brands and marketers due to the way it impacts people. Creating and executin...

Siddharth Lal SEO TPCI
SEO is a marathon, not snakes & ladders!

Siddharth Lal, MD, Bruce Clay Australia talks about the relevance of SEO for today’s enterprise, wherein 94% of consumers research products online and Google is their most preferred ‘intent-based ...

Iceberg ahead! What the post-COVID era portends for jobs, education & societies

Nandu Nandkishore, Professor, Indian School of Business, cautions that new technologies, particularly automation and AI, promise a highly uncertain future for jobs. Individuals and societies that try ...

Automation TPCI
Automation of the workforce: Opportunity or calamity?

Automation could have little impact on jobs in the immediate future, but it's important for employees to acquire essential skills and equip themselves to work with new technologies. ...

Sourav Borah
COVID-19 is an opportunity to de-commoditize the B2B business

Sourav Borah, Assistant Professor, IIM Ahmedabad, feels that COVID-19 may bring about a permanent change in mindsets of B2B firms when it comes to digital marketing and brand building. While companies...

Venkatesh Shankar
Covid-19 crisis will hit ‘digital dinosaur’ B2B firms hard

Dr Venkatesh Shankar, Mays Business School suggests a three-pronged strategy for B2B firms post-COVID - navigate the turbulent present, prepare for recovery in the immediate future, and position for t...

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