India’s approach to AI must be guided by the Gatishakti model

While India is emerging as a prominent hub for AI patent filings, most of these are currently contributed by MNCs. Prof Rajat Agrawal, Professor, Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee, talks a...

Dr Arpita Mukherjee TPCI IBT
Sustainable agriculture practices should be investor friendly

Dr Arpita Mukherjee, Professor at ICRIER, opines that while businesses understand the concept of risk, they also need reasonable chances of success if they invest in sustainable agriculture practices....

Prof Veena Kumar insurance
De-risking the insurance industry with AI

The advent of AI promises a transformative impact across the insurance industry in India, which could in fact emerge a frontrunner when it comes to adoption of the technology. Developing a complete di...

Sunitha-Raju economy TPCI
Foreign Trade Policy 2021-26: Productivity, technology and sustainability

Dr Sunitha Raju, Professor at Indian Institute of Foreign trade feels that the upcoming Foreign Trade Policy should address structural constraints of India’s huge informal sector. Also, it should pr...

5G Network India
India’s 5G playbook: Look before you leap?

Sanjeev Nikore, Former President, Strategic Initiatives at Tech Mahindra & CEO, Strategies2Scale and Mitali Nikore, Founder Nikore Associates, discuss major infrastructure and financing constraints hi...

Think Leaders
“We are in an era of content, community and commerce”

Anirudh Singla, Founder & CEO, Pepper, shares insights on the ‘content divide’ that businesses face today (especially in the post-COVID context), and how a content marketplace like Pepper can bett...

How Influencers reshaped Marketing during Covid-19
How Influencers reshaped Marketing during Covid-19

Expected to become a $10 billion-dollar industry by end of 2020, influencer marketing is adopted by an increasing number of brands and marketers due to the way it impacts people. Creating and executin...

TPCI Touchless travel
Pandemic tourism, sans the imprint

Given the uncertainty surrounding the cure, the COVID-19 era poses existential challenges for the global tourism industry. From biometrics to baggage management to plexiglass screens and sanitised cas...

Automation TPCI
Automation of the workforce: Opportunity or calamity?

Automation could have little impact on jobs in the immediate future, but it's important for employees to acquire essential skills and equip themselves to work with new technologies. ...

Dr Arpita Mukherjee TPCI IBT
Globally, there is a focus on local jobs and upskilling

Dr Arpita Mukherjee, ICRIER, believes that India should work closely with other countries on how to support Indian migrants in those markets. At the same time, it should should upskill its workforce f...

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