India Business & Trade - November, 2022

A number of disruptive technologies, which are essentially the results of pathbreaking innovations, are posing a formidable challenge to established industries and promising unprecedented transformation in global trade. The impact of these innovations is often compared to the ‘next Industrial Revolution’ or ‘next Internet’, etc. While their utilisation was increasing steadily, the pandemic caused a rapid acceleration in their adoption. 

With the advent of robotics, AI, blockchain, 3D printing, etc, the processes of production and consumption are changing significantly. That is a very substantial deviation from the way we have been doing things over the past few decades. It can change cost of production and efficiencies in a big way, which are more mechanical changes. But on the other hand, they can also change how we do things significantly.

As a result, policy makers will be required to make adjustments for changing patterns in employment & skill development. Trade agreements will have to bring in clauses for new tech. Lack of global consensus on frameworks and increasing protectionism, threaten to restrict the benefits of digitization to a few, and widen the digital divide further.

The India Business & Trade Cover Story for November analyses why, in order to ensure more equitable trade recovery post-pandemic, it is vital to build global consensus on digital trade frameworks and address growing digital trade protectionism.



4 Trade and business news updates from across the world.


8 Challenging the Almighty Dollar!

The dollar’s safe haven status makes it the favourite in forex markets.

9 Will OTTs eclipse cinema culture?

OTTs or cinemas – the audience will decide the winner of this tug of war.

10 Astro speak: Time for a digital fix?

With rising online consultations, online astrology seems set for a boom.

11 Decoding India’s R&D landscape

R&D is going to be the driving force for India in the coming years.


12 India’s growing ceramic footprint

This edition of IBT Data Point analyzes the current size, growth and potential for India’s ceramic exports in the world’s leading markets.


14 Electronics industry: Going green

A ‘green’ electronics industry is a win-win solution as it will curb environmental pollution & aid companies in making profits.

16 DESH Act: Easing operation between SEZs & DTAs

The draft DESH Scheme is a well thought out legislation. 

18 Increasing India’s exports through integration in GVCs

This article analyses India’s current integration into global value chains, the critical road blocks and strategies to be adopted.

20 India should explore Mode 3 in healthcare

IIM-B’s Dr Rupa Chanda explores India’s prospects as a healthcare hub. 

22 DESH: The key to boost exports

The DESH Bill is the right step in terms of designing a policy on non-fiscal incentives.



Disruptive technologies are bringing a paradigm transformation to industrial and trade competitiveness.

31 If we ignore digital advancement, digital obsolescence will hit us

India’s pace of digitization is impressive but ensuring benefits to the industry will take a lot of effort.

32 Digitization can help India become a major F&B exporter

Digitization can help boost Indian F&B industry’s export prospects.

33 Digitization can bring logistics’ share of India’s GDP to single digits

R S Subramanian, SVP South Asia, DHL Express shares his perspective on logistics and digitization.


34 Panama – A gateway to Latin America

Strategically situated, Panama is a major re-export zone.


35 DESH could be a great enabler

The DESH Scheme focuses on maximizing efficiencies and competitiveness.


36 Strategies to enter a new market

It is more important to be resourceful than to have resources.


38 Indian diaspora holds values of family, work & entrepreneurship

Eric Abetz, Patron, India-Australia Strategic Alliance has a freewheeling discussion with India Business & Trade.


40 Leading the innovation curve

Mylab Discovery Solutions works in the niche segment of molecular diagnostics & diverse strategies to tap new markets.


41 Latest@TPCI

TPCI engaged in numerous events, knowledge sessions and buyer mobilization meetings.


42 Mangoes
Indian mango: Set for ‘Vitamin T’?

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