India Business & Trade - January, 2021

The India Business & Trade issue for Jan-Mar 2021 analyses how the issue of maximum residue limits has emerged as a major and complex trade barrier that is affecting India’s agri exports. It also discusses possible solutions/mechanisms that India can adopt to overcome this challenge.


Scientific discord in agri trade
Marked variations and constant changes in MRL regulations across markets cause significant uncertainty among Indian exporters.

Pollution is affecting organic producers
Krishnendu Chatterjee, Sr. VP, DOTEPL, explains how Indian organic food producers are also facing MRL challenges.

Grape exports: Opportunity from crisis
Azhar Tambuvala, Director, Sahyadri Farms explains how the industry worked in collaboration with stakeholders to tackle MRL issues.


Reflections 2020
As the New Year begins, we take a pitstop to reflect upon some of the most illuminating insights we received from thought leaders across domains in 2020.


Australian businesses recognise India’s potential
The Hon Barry O’Farrell AO, High Commissioner of Australia to India, is confident that Australia is well placed to fulfil India’s investment needs.


Shifting goalposts of AI post-COVID
With the spectre of COVID-19 & emphasis on ‘social distancing’, AI has acquired a new significance across sectors.

Government or industry – Who picks the baton?
The key to ensure job-oriented growth in India is to spur investment in low-productivity sectors and boost enterprise.

Manufacturing ecosystem in India
Dr. Sunitha Raju, IIFT, reflects upon the lessons that India can learn from China to be the world’s next factory.

Innovation will be key in the post-COVID world
Amit Shah, Joint President, Flexible Packaging Business, UFlex, explains how the company rejigged operations & delivered on innovation to fight COVID-19.

Container shortage: A dampener for India’s exports
Measures need to be taken to encourage growth in container production within the country.


On the innovation trail?
India needs to reorient its pharma industry to become an innovation hub.


Towards a post-pandemic resurrection
To emerge out of the crisis, travel bubbles, domestic tourism & touchless travel are possible course corrections.


An early riser in the post-pandemic race
Brazil has shown a relatively faster industrial revival post-COVID. But will this be a sound approach?


Moratorium on duties untenable
Rashmi Banga, Senior Economic Officer, UNCTAD, argues that developing countries should have the right to impose tariffs on electronic transmissions.

Iceberg ahead for people & societies!
Nandu Nandkishore, Professor, Indian School of Business, cautions that with the rise of AI, societies need to prepare for a new world.


TPCI initiatives post COVID-19
Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, the TPCI team worked tirelessly to ensure uninterrupted market access for Indian exporters.

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