India Business and Trade - October, 2021

The Sep-Oct, 2021 edition of India Business & Trade analyses some of the major issues pertaining to trade negotiations between India and the UK for their FTA from a merchandise trade perspective. It also takes a look at why this agreement could be a critical game changer for India’s post-COVID trade integration framework.


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Understanding India’s export performance

CATR analyses the key factors and drivers contributing to robust growth in India’s merchandise exports so far in the current year.



Enhancing tourism through collaboration

HE Dr Ausaf Sayeed, Ambassador of India to Saudi Arabia, states India and Saudi Arabia have a lot to gain from boosting tourism.

Sustaining green shoots of Indian economy

The Indian economy is showing green shoots again after the brutal 2nd wave. Exports are currently robust, giving India a critical window of opportunity.

Shipping Crisis: The US-China-COVID factor

Dr Deepankar Sinha, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, feels that the various angles of the current shipping crisis merit further probe.

Key to unlock a zero-carbon economy         

To emerge as a leading hydrogen economy, India needs to overcome challenges related to hydrogen storage, cost and safety.

India must expand seafood export basket

Vijay Kumar Yaragal, Executive Director, National Fisheries Development Board, discusses major challenges confronting Indian seafood exporters.

Green predicament of the evergreen fabric

It is imperative for India to develop new technologies to make the denim manufacturing eco-friendly.



Inflexion point- India-UK FTA

Will the proposed trade deal with UK prove to be a game changer for India’s international trade engagement?

A question of quid pro quo

Dr Arpita Mukherjee, Professor at ICRIER, opines that India needs to diversify its “ask lists” in trade negotiations with the UK.

Negotiations to realise full potential

Rohit Singh, Director, UKIBC, shares his views on how India can be a more attractive destination for UK-based companies.



India and Chile plan to expand PTA         

HE Mr. Juan Rolando Angulo Monsalve, Ambassador of Chile to India, discussed the planned PTA expansion and focus areas.

Import Substitution Strategy?

Bipin Menon, Development Commissioner, Noida SEZ, believes that ‘import substitution’ is not an apt term for India’s policy thrust.

Strengthening India-Brazil ties

Brazil and India can become key partners for a deeper and long-term relationship, considering the huge untapped potential.



Vegan products: A sunrise segment

India can go a step further to leverage its agricultural resource base and vegetarian-friendly economy image to tap the growing vegan market.



TPCI happenings

As the international economic scenario improves, TPCI is providing diverse platforms and avenues for trade promotion, capacity building and knowledge enhancement.


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