Village industries clock record turnover

The Khadi and Village Industries Commission recorded a 7.71% growth in gross annual turnover to Rs 95,741.74 crores from Rs 88,887 crores in FY20, its highest-ever turnover despite the production activities being suspended for over three months during last year’s lockdown. It added that the overall production of khadi and village industry sectors in FY21 witnessed 101% growth in comparison to FY16 while the gross sales during this period increased by 128.66%.

“There were a lot of government orders that we had received last year. While during the pandemic there was no sale but we had launched the online sale that supported our growth. Moreover, after khadi outlets were allowed to open last year, aggressive marketing was undertaken and customers had also started accepting local products,” Vinai Kumar Saxena, Chairman, KVIC explained. He added that more than 527 new Khadi institutions and distributed over 50,000 new charkhas (to artisans) and around 10,000 looms have been set up in the country.

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