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Railways carried more freight in 2020-21

In 2020-21, Indian Railways (IR) freight loading have shown healthy performance, despite the prevailing challenges posed by COVID-19. IR transported goods weighed 122.19 MT during March 2020, experiencing a year-over-year (yoy) growth of 24%.

Earning of IR from carrying freight have also increased during March 2021 with earning equal Rs. 12,137.22 crore. During March 2020, IR’s revenue from freight loading was Rs. 9806.09 crore.

For 2020-21, total loading of freight stood at 1224.45 MT, increasing by 2% yoy. Total revenue of IR from freight loading during the financial year has been Rs. 116634.9 crore, rising by 3% yoy. Recent months have witnessed a continuous month on month improvement in freight performance. Freight loading fell during April-July 2020 by 70 MT while the performance has been improving there after.

IR has been benefited through rise in loading in items such as automobile, fly ash, stone, onion, chemical salt, sand, sugar and cotton, owing to concessions and discounts made by IR to escalate freight movement.


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