Plans to beat coal supply issue

The issue of supply chain logistics causing shortage of coal in the country has become the focus of attention with around 130 GW of power plants currently running on feeble supply of coal. As of October 3′ 2021, average stock of coal available is of about 4 days. State run companies are in the process of implementing 39 first-mile-connectivity (FMC) projects, with the purpose to improve coal evacuation infrastructure and avoid such crises in future.


Coal supply issue

Coal India Ltd (CIL) contributes 80% of domestic output. The company is in the process of implementing 35 FMC projects, with capacity of 414.5 MY of coal per annum. FMC projects involves coal transportation from pitheads to dispatch points, thus necessitating creation of mechanized conveyor systems and computerized loading systems. CIL aim to move away completely from the system of ‘wharf wall loading’.

A senior official at CIL said, “Quality FMC will prove to be the tipping point as far as coal transportation is concerned, with its multiple benefits including less use of road networks, which would reduce emissions and help the environment, and savings on diesel costs.”

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