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Lawsuits filed against H1B regulations

A number of organisations including US Chambers of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) have filed a lawsuit against the federal government for its recently imposed H1B regulations, stating that they will undermine high skilled immigration into the US. Early this month, the Department of Homeland Security announced a decision to narrow the definition of “specialty occupation” in place of the overbroad definition that allowed companies to game the system. Companies will now have to make “real” offers to “real employees,” and close all loopholes. And finally, the Department will have extra firepower to ensure compliance through worksite inspections and monitoring.

However, the lawsuit states that these ‘harmful and haphazard rules’ could impact thousands of America-based workers and hamper the ability of manufacturing companies to hire critical high-skilled talent. Further, US Chamber of Commerce CEO Thomas J Donahue adds that the measures will devastate companies, diminish economic growth and impede job creation in US.

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