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Investments worth US$396 mn in data centre industry

The findings of an Anarock-Mace report, titiled Navigating the India Data Centre Lifecycle – Trends & Perspectives, suggest that India will see a major growth in the data centre industry. This will be on account of an increased data consumption and policy incentives. It adds that the current government’s data localization policy has paved the way for hyperscale data centres to handle the increasing data consumption.

“The Indian data centre industry has attracted close to USD 977 mn in PE and strategic investments since 2008, of which nearly 40 per cent or approx. USD 396 mn were infused between Jan-Sept 2020 period alone,” the report notes. It goes on to state that “India currently has 126 third-party data centres (colocation or hyperscale) spanning 7.5+mn sft, and a cumulative IT Power Capacity of 590+ MW.” It stipulates that India will see an addition of at least 28 large hyperscale data centres over the next three years.

While the upcoming supply of data centres is likely to be concentrated on Tier-1 cities, increased data consumption will also be beneficial for Tier-2 cities which will generate demand for smaller colocation facilities. The study also said that around US$ 9.5 billion of capital is in various stages of being announced, committed or waiting to be committed into Indian data centres,

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