IIT-Madras, WayCool Foods signs MoU to benefit farmers

WayCool Foods has partnered with IIT-Madras (IIT-M) to enhance the offerings available to farmers. This MoU focuses on leveraging IIT-M’s RASA (Regenerative Agriculture Sustainable Architecture) technology platform.


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WayCool Foods, a food tech enterprise, has partnered with IIT-Madras (IIT-M) to expand offerings for farmers under IIT-M’s RASA (Regenerative Agriculture Sustainable Architecture) tech stack.

WayCool Foods under this partnership, will improve the agricultural system with innovative solutions. It will create a strong regenerative agriculture ecosystem in India. This partnership will also enable both IIT-M and WayCool Foods to help farmers by making them move towards a sustainable model of agriculture.

WayCool Foods will share its expertise in the agricultural supply chain and actively share knowledge with farmers regarding sustainable farming practices. This MoU will also create new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Karthik Jayaraman, Managing Director, WayCool Foods, said, “Partnership with IIT-M will further boost our continuing efforts towards driving adoption of regenerative agriculture amongst Indian farmers. Our on-field experience has demonstrated commercial benefits to farmers when they adopt regenerative agro practices thereby improving their income and profitability.”

In 2022, IIT-Madras developed and built The RASA Tech Stack. This solution will assist farmers in actively monitoring and optimising their cultivation and harvest processes to gain maximum benefits. The stack covers every aspect of the farm-to-kitchen cycle, having pre-cultivation, cultivation, harvest, storage/shipment, marketing and payment.

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