Digital technologies to create US$ 1 trillion economy by 2025

According to the estimates by the consulting company EY, digital technologies have the potential to create US$ 1 trillion economic value in India. The estimate also suggests that the technology will contribute 20% to the country’s in nominal GDP, sustaining 60-65 million jobs by 2025.  

“India is at an inflection point – digital has changed the way people communicate, socialize, create, sell, shop and work. ‘What comes next’ will be determined by the continued focus on fostering innovation, developing unique service offerings and enabling the digital infrastructure in the country which will help us achieve or even exceed the US$ 1 trillion target. India is poised to be a game-changer in the world digital economy by empowering its citizens and revolutionizing businesses,” said Prashant Singhal, Emerging Markets TMT Leader, EY.

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