China: The 2nd largest importer of Indian cotton

Minister of State for Textiles Darshana Jardosh said that the pandemic did not reduce India’s cotton trade with China. Thus, India exported 21.97 lakh bales of cotton to China out of the total outbound shipments of 54.83 lakh bales during the current cotton season 2020-21. She added that she said 275 million kg of cotton yarn was exported to China out of the total exports of 980 million kg in 2020-21. She told the parliament that after Bangladesh, China constituted the second-largest importer of cotton from India, while China was the largest importer of yarn from India.

Separately, the minister informed the house that, “There was also a fall in the number of viable proposals like marketing expos, subsidized yarn supply, etc., from the state governments and yarn supply beneficiaries. These factors led to a gap between the budgetary estimates and actual expenditure in FY 2020-21.”

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