Bulk drug park soon in Gujarat

Pankaj Joshi, Additional Chief Secretary to Gujarat’s Chief Minister, said that the state is in the process of setting up a world-class bulk drug park at Jambusar. The intention is to make Gujarat a global hub for chemicals and allied industries. He said that the state is in constant touch with the union government to bring one of the three bulk drug parks in Gujarat. He added that many basic chemicals and API manufacturers have shown enthusiasm to set up their units in the proposed bulk drug park.

“Government is putting in efforts to overcome three major challenges including availability of quality basic inputs, price of oil and gas, lack of extensive R&D facilities and limitation of world-class infrastructure. These blocks can be removed with cohesive efforts at government level, industry level, institutional level as well as individual level,” the official commented. He also said that recently the Gujarat government has come out with new industries policy in which chemicals have been focused as the core sector. Gujarat is a preferred choice for the pharma industry as it has a conducive industrial atmosphere, industry-friendly policies, good infrastructure compared to other states, skilled manpower, strategic geographical location of the state, entrepreneurial quality of people in Gujarat, and many other advantages.

Joshi observed that the country’s trade (import-export) deficit of the chemical sector is mind-boggling Rs 8,5000 crore. He added that “The country is producing 8,000 different chemicals. The market size of the sector in the country is pegged at $178 billion and by the year 2025, it is expected to touch $ 300 billion. Gujarat contributes nearly 30% ($ 55 billion) in the production of chemicals followed by Maharashtra 16% and Tamil Nadu 7%.”


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