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Sunitha Raju IIFT
How foreign trade policy can upscale India’s manufacturing exports

Dr Sunitha Raju, Professor, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade and Member, Committee for Advanced Trade Research, TPCI, emphasizes on the need for new tools and objectives under India’s foreign trade...

Ayurveda: A US$ 10 billion export opportunity

Indian Ayurvedic products' share is only 2% of the global herbal market, while with the same bio-diversity and ancient culture, China has 13% share. Through increasing the share of value-added product...

Tourism: A peek into India’s future prospects

Although Incredible India offers diverse avenues catering to varied tourist segments, it is still striving to reach a prominent position as global tourism destination. India Business and Trade spoke t...

Menthol exports: Is India’s dominance under threat?

India's menthol exports have steadily grown since the mid-2000's and the country has become a dominant player in the global market. However, the rise of the synthetic menthol market poses a potentiall...

Price rise delays India’s LNG expansion plans

India's plan to increase the share of LNG in it's total energy mix, gets stalled due to rising gas prices in the backdrop of increased demand from Europe. Consequently, India's reliance on coal has in...

power electricity
Is India’s energy sector headed for a summer of discomfort?

India faces a high risk of nighttime power cuts this summer due to delays in adding new coal-fired and hydropower capacity. Government has directed all thermal plants to run at full capacity. So, will...

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