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Jagdish N. Sheth Manufacturing
Revitalising Indian manufacturing: Modernisation of home, farm and factory

Prof Jagdish Sheth suggests that India must prioritise modernising the farm, strengthening consumer-facing sectors and making its factories smart to progress towards the higher end of the manufacturin...

Unmish Parthasarthi, Founder -Singapore-based growth practice Picture Board Partners
Consumer attention to content is increasingly fragmented

Unmish Parthasarthi, the Founder of Singapore-based growth practice Picture Board Partners, believes that the fragmentation of attention to content requires us to adopt remote production technologies ...

How Influencers reshaped Marketing during Covid-19
How Influencers reshaped Marketing during Covid-19

Expected to become a $10 billion-dollar industry by end of 2020, influencer marketing is adopted by an increasing number of brands and marketers due to the way it impacts people. Creating and executin...

Indian edtech: Are we celebrating too soon?

Indian edtech has seen a surge in fortunes post-COVID, but startups & investors must factor in unique intricacies of the business model to be able to outlive the pandemic. Besides, companies have to l...

Rajiv Mehra
Most travel & tourism operators have not survived the pandemic

Rajiv Mehra, Vice President, IATO, opines that survival is out of the question for a number of tourism players with the current meagre levels of demand. While international tourism might take time to ...

Restaurant restrictions lifted
Pandemic dining: Restaurants prepare for an unforeseen post-script

Despite progressive lifting of lockdowns, business for restaurants has remained a fraction of pre-COVID levels. Moreover, deliveries are expected to dominate and restaurants may be driven towards more...

Siddharth Lal SEO TPCI
SEO is a marathon, not snakes & ladders!

Siddharth Lal, MD, Bruce Clay Australia talks about the relevance of SEO for today’s enterprise, wherein 94% of consumers research products online and Google is their most preferred ‘intent-based ...

Nandu Nandkishore TPCI skills
Iceberg ahead! What the post-COVID era portends for jobs, education & societies

Nandu Nandkishore, Professor, Indian School of Business, cautions that new technologies, particularly automation and AI, promise a highly uncertain future for jobs. Individuals and societies that try ...

Rashmi Banga Globalisation TPCI
COVID-19 is a chance for more strategic globalisation

Rashmi Banga, Senior Economic Officer, UNCTAD, feels that instead of a recourse to rapid globalisation post-pandemic, the world should look at a balanced approach to address the inherent weaknesses of...

Venkatesh (Venky) Shankar
Even post-lockdown, digital media is here to stay

Dr. Venkatesh (Venky) Shankar opines that a synergistic approach to advertising across media is needed to engage and serve the customers creatively and seamlessly. Having said that, he adds that as In...

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