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Business Leadership Post COVID-19

2020 and beyond: The pivot predicament!

Nandu Nandkishore, Professor of Practice, Indian School of Business, observes that COVID-19 has accelerated underlying disruptions in the market, compelling enterprises to ‘pivot’ their business m...

Featured Interview
Farming with a “glocal” mission

Born in 2020, Indi Farmers believes in directly & ethically sourcing products from technologically empowered farmers and delivering them to the customers’ door steps. Its business model has various ...

Sugar industry in 2021: From sweetness to mobility

Buoyed by government incentives, a shift to ethanol can bring stellar gains and more sustainability to the Indian sugar sector in 2021, especially as economies revive and crude prices surge....

Prof Amita Batra
India should renegotiate RCEP in the near future

Prof Amita Batra, Centre for South Asian Studies, JNU, asserts that while US and EU have been traditionally large markets for India, integrating with the countries of East Asia and Southeast Asia is i...

Remote working provides boost to cloud computing

Sid Nag, VP Analyst, Cloud Services, Gartner, Inc, advises cloud service providers to prepare for the new normal of a more permanent remote workforce in the rebound phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Clo...

H.E. Mr. André Aranha Corrêa do Lago, Ambassador of Brazil to India
Despite COVID, India & Brazil are pursuing US$ 15 bn trade target by 2022

H.E. Mr. André Aranha Corrêa do Lago, Ambassador of Brazil to India, asserts that bilateral trade is way lower than the potential, considering that India and Brazil are among the top ten economies o...

US Presidents George Bush, Donald Trump, Joe Biden
George Bush’s ‘BRIC’ work vs the Joe Biden Quad grail!

Under Joe Biden, US & India have to be more accommodative on specific transactional issues hampering their limited trade deal. It is important for the world's oldest and largest democracies to factor ...

Ashutosh Sharma, VP & Research Director, Forrester
With cloud computing, SMEs can overcome tech deficiencies

Ashutosh Sharma, VP & Research Director, Forrester, feels that the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the assumptions of IT leaders around the resilience and scalability of their IT infrastructure. This...

Professor Manoj Pant, Director, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade
Companies are the main actors in global trade today, instead of countries

Prof Manoj Pant, Director, IIFT, opines that global trade has changed a lot, even though we’re still negotiating multilateral agreements based on dated trade patterns. Now companies are major actors...

Sunitha Raju IIFT
Post-COVID, India is uniquely positioned to improve its exports

Dr Sunitha Raju, IIFT, explains why India has high potential to improve trade post-COVID, given prospects of faster recovery in advanced economies and high income elasticity of its exports. Moreover, ...

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