Vimal Agro Products: A bucketful of ‘good food’ memories

A pioneer in the field of processed food products, Vimal Agro Products Pvt Ltd has managed to establish its presence in the F&B industry by offering a wide range of delectable products ranging from packaged condiments to ready-to-eat and to ready-to-cook meals. It is serving customers in more than 45 countries with delicacies packed with the nostalgia of authentic Indian home-cooked dishes across the globe.


Vimal Agro Products Pvt Ltd lay its foundation stone back in 1975 with one rice mill. With extensive market research, inclination towards innovation, and the far-sightedness of its management, it managed to establish its renowned processed food vertical in 1988 and has been treading on the boulevard of success ever since.

The company operates under the brand names SWAD and VIMAL, and is known for offering a plethora of products ranging from packaged condiments, ready-to-eat, ready-to-cook foods, etc. Its motto is to offer delicacies packed with a pinch of spice, a dash of sweetness and, a bucketful of memories that bring back the quintessential tastes of India to its customers across the globe.

SWAD being the primary brand, started with drool-worthy papads and taste-enhancing pickles. Gradually the brand expanded its portfolio to a range of delectable products such as canned fruit pulp, canned vegetables, ready-to-eat foods, and much more. It became the first company to introduce Kesar mango pulp in cans in the year 1992. In addition to this, it became the largest producer of mango pulp in consumer pack.

Today SWAD/VIMAL offers more than 350 products to customers, providing traditional Indian taste straight from the farms of India, serving more than 45 countries worldwide. The founder firmly upholds the idea that every Indian leaving the country’s shore for a better future must not forget the authenticity of Indian food. 

The vision and mission of the company are to provide unmatched organic taste, introduce people to exceptional Indian dining experience along with better health, producing fresh and scrumptious products with hand-picked ingredients and signature recipes. This would cater to consumer satisfaction and glorify Indian food on the world’s culinary map, which in turn, would act as a reward for employees and investors of the company.

Building on this ideology, Vimal Agro’s strategy is to develop better-quality products to be offered at competitive prices in the market. The company believes in the idea of quality over quantity. Quality and standardization are the major keys to success in the international market. To maintain the quality superiority in all its products the company has obtained international certifications like ISO 22000: 2005, HALAL, and BRC certification. 

To achieve the ambitious goal of multifaceted growth, the company set up an ultra-modern manufacturing unit at Bardoli, Gujarat. Vimal Agro has also automated its factory by installing modern equipment for most of its operations and production processes to deliver hygienic products, free from human touch. This is to ensure that the customers are consuming 100% standard, satisfactory and safe products.

Over the next few years, the company looks forward to making easy-to-cook DIY kits, make Indian cooking fuss-free and easier for customers around the world, especially the Indian diaspora settled abroad. Further, it is constantly working to get into different product segments, expanding into different lines of the food and beverage category, develop regional products to cater to the needs of specific target markets, increase production capacity, and strengthen forward and backward integration. 

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