Trimax International: An oasis of quality, backed by tradition

Trimax International has made illustrious efforts in the last four decades to embrace the journey from being a leading manufacturer and processor of rice to being a government-recognized export house through its flagship brand, Oasis Rice. It is now targeting greater traceability, market diversification and innovation to drive growth.

Trimax TPCI

Basmati rice from India has been enjoying a premium position in the global marketplace. Grown for many centuries in the Indian subcontinent, it is known globally for its fragrance and flavour. It is unique among other long grain rice varieties and the world ‘Basmati’ literally means the “Queen of Fragrance’.

Exports of Basmati Rice from India in 2019-20 stood at US$ 4.37 billion and despite the pandemic, witnessed a fall by only 8% YoY to US$ 4.02 billion in 2020-21. This shows the resilience of the product in the global market. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Yemen Republic, UAE and US have emerged as top export destinations for Indian Basmati Rice exports.

Trimax International is among the dynamic and enterprising Indian exporters who saw the potential in time and cemented India’s stronghold in this market. In 1982, Vinod Kumar Manchanda decided to enter into the Basmati rice business by establishing the company. In a span of 39 years, the company has grown leaps and bounds, from being a leading manufacturer & processor of rice in the domestic market to becoming an export house recognized by the Government of India.

It’s this success that motivated him to start the company’s flagship brands, Oasis Rice. With finest manufacturing ability of 100 tons of basmati rice and 40 tons of non-Basmati rice, the brand uses more than 5 decades of experience to deliver premium quality of rice. Competitively priced, Oasis Rice offers careful customization and personalized services to its customers. Utmost care is taken to ensure that every single batch dispatched by it carries with it the true aroma, taste and suppleness of the Indian rice. Further, the rice goes through mechanized processing to ensure that each strand of grain remains untouched by human hand.

The company firmly believes that the 4Ps of marketing are integral to building brand equity – price, product, promotion and place. It believes that in today’s competitive world, amid rising awareness amongst consumers, it becomes important that a product must be finely priced, have the highest quality standards and be aptly placed in the market. Thus, it is investing in ramping up its online presence and taking efforts to digitally promote its products.

Over the years, Trimax International has expanded its horizons to include more brands, namely Haila, Zindabaad, Al Mezan, Panther, Meknas, and Agnadeen – all of which are available worldwide. The company has many international accreditations such as ISO 22000:2018, HACCP & GMP, which have accorded it a global brand identity.

Today the brand is registered all over the world through WIPO. It caters to a string of industries such as hotels, catering companies, restaurants, retail chains, shipping lines, airlines as its sole customers and clients.

Going forward, the brand is planning to introduce stock-keeping units (SKUs) in order to ensure traceability into its supply chain. The company is confident that it will help them gain more value and establish greater trust in the eyes of its customers. It is also exploring other strategies for market diversification to spur its growth. In addition, its R&D department is constantly developing new techniques and processes to further improve the quality of rice that is packed and sent all over the world.

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