Spice Nest: Sprinkling flavours of India across the globe

Spice Nest has traversed a momentous 8 year-long journey to become a leading manufacturer and exporter of processed foods to being a leading exporter. Going forward, the company has aggressive plans to tap the Gulf region and the European market.


Nestled in the heart of Rajkot, a vibrant city in the state of Gujarat that’s famous for silk work, gold jewellery, watch parts and some of the most delectable Gujarati cuisine, Spice Nest was born in 2013. Over the span of the last 8 years, the brand has managed to successfully catapult itself to become a quality manufacturer and exporter of processed foods, cooking paste, spices, oilseeds, dehydrated foods, and dry foods to being a renowned exporter under the able leadership of Rajesh G Rabadiya, Director, Spice Nest.

Today Spice Nest has over 50 different food products, which are exported to around 15 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Indonesia, Europe, and Russia. This is impressive as the brand has modest beginnings. Taking a walk down memory lane, Rajesh Rabadia explains:

“We come from a humble agrarian background, which gave us a competitive edge in terms of understanding our raw materials and leveraging this knowledge to our best ability. We believe that processed foods have a big scope in country like India and this motivated us to channel our efforts in this field.”

There were quite a few central tenets that acted as fuel to ignite Spice Nest’s growth in such a short span of time. The brand is quality-driven, customer-centric, and has taken care to adapt to the latest trends in the market. Towards this end, it has allocated its resources for increasing manufacturing capacity, brand building, supply chain management, and team building.

In this endeavour, Rajesh is thankful to the active support provided by his dedicated research and marketing team, both of which endeavour to ensure that the quality of the products is at par with the market standards.  Thus, each ingredient is procured after a thorough quality check from its team while a thorough R&D goes into understanding the nuances behind the evolving customer tastes and preferences.

Accordingly, products are sold according to the demand that exists across diverse regions. Further, the latest state-of-the-art technology is employed to ensure that the quality of the product is in accordance with international standards. Explaining the vision of the brand, Rabadiya opines:

Our aim is to provide our customers with quality products made with the best quality ingredients that meet market demands with cost. We are committed to provide customer satisfaction and believe in continuous improvement, as per requirement of end consumer.


Going forward, the brand has quite a few plans for expansion. To begin with, it is planning to become the international leader in the ethnic food business by setting up a new fully automated factory at Gondal, Rajkot. It is also looking to develop its market into the Gulf and European regions. Also in the pipeline is the idea of increasing presence in online selling portals and marketing the products in products with major supermarket chains are present. 

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