Organic products have captured a huge market post-pandemic

Amit Sawhney, Director, Nippon Global SL, states that people are getting a lot more health-conscious, which has created a huge demand for premium products. He further adds that the company is keen to explore more collaborations in the Indian market.


IBT: Please walk us through the journey of Nippon Group, its vision, and key achievements.

Amit Sawhney: Nippon Group has been in the market for the last 23 years and we believe that action speaks louder than words. According to us, honesty is the best policy which is a founding principle of the group. We always believe that when we do something, there is a chance for errors always.

That’s why the group survived many depressions and economic recessions in the last 23 years and still stands tall and strong due to the philosophy of treating our staff and customers as a family. The group has got food and non-food divisions and through its wide network of distributors and associates, it has got a presence in all continents across the globe.

IBT: What key lessons has the brand learned from the COVID-19 pandemic? How have you adapted and realigned your business model?

Amit Sawhney: In the initial phase of the pandemic, the world seemed to reach an end for everyone as there was an element of uncertainty. We started helping companies and individuals by offering material aid to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We also made a medical supply division to overcome the challenges that our people faced in these testing times.

The best gift of this calamity is that the world has learned to manage things more smartly and effectively. For example, we used virtual conferences to connect with our clients in the USA & Europe.

IBT: Which trends in the international market are you witnessing in the food and beverages segment? Which new growth areas and changing customer preferences do you envision and how is your company adapting?

Amit Sawhney: People are getting a lot more health-conscious, which has created a huge demand for premium products. For example, the organic products that we make have captured a huge market due to the spread of health consciousness and awareness among consumers.

IBT: What advice would you like to offer to young entrepreneurs on managing risk, coping with failure, and leadership?

Amit Sawhney: On this, I have two favorite quotes which serve as great advice for coping with failures “Woods are lonely dark and deep and I have to cover miles before I sleep” by Robert Frost; & “Success is not final, failure is not fatal it is the courage to continue that counts,” by Winston Churchill. So, young entrepreneurs should never lose heart as success and failure is a part of business and both are bound to come.

IBT: What are your views on the Indian market and the collaboration opportunities that you would like to explore?

Amit Sawhney: This is one area in which our group has always been very keen. There was a time when we exported to Africa and sometimes we faced currency problems (lack of it). At that time, we explored the model to do barter trade and we used to import agro commodities that we needed, as the world is an agricultural powerhouse.

So, bilateral trade is the key to success for any business. It is essential to not only boost the confidence of partners but also double the turnover with the same amount of resources. Coming back to the Indian market, it will be a win-win situation and we have already done some collaborations with important players in the industry and are open to more.

Nippon is an exporter, importer and manufacturer in the fields of various commodities including food, automobile spare parts, electronics. Its quality control division in Spain searches for quality food product and selects the best quality, direct from farm owners. The company offers end-to-end supply chain solutions from packing design and development, raw material sourcing, factory selection, production management and quality control. It also offers strong expertise in designing and developing private label products from initial packing designs and selection of finest quality product through development to final delivery.

This interview is a part of TPCI’s Connect initiative. Views expressed are personal.

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Dr Neena Kawatra
Dr Neena Kawatra
1 year ago

Very aptly narrated. Organic products are the future for good health.

1 year ago

Great All the best Excellent products 👌 Keep it up 👍

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