Mario Rusks: The perfect partner to your tea

Founded in 1949, TRDP Happy World has come a long way from being a manufacturer and exporter of India for tobacco to being Asia’s largest rusk manufacturing plant. Its products have numerous internationally acclaimed recognitions.


Founded in 1949 by Tej Ram ji, the TRDP (Tej Ram Dharam Pal) group commenced as a small business house for Hukkah type tobacco. Over a span of 70 years, the group moved to the smokeless tobacco industry and also ventured into array of world-class food products. 2014 proved to be the landmark year when after a lot of market research, the TRDP group decided to launch Mario Rusks & Mario Instant Noodles.

Each of these products has numerous internationally acclaimed recognitions like Food Safety System Certification 22000, FDA Food Safety, BRC Global Standards & Halal in its fully automated production plants. This ensures that its products are untouched by human beings and have consistent, crispy, fresh and uniform shapes. These plants are equipped with state-of-the-art plant & machinery imported from different parts of Europe. Further, each of these products are tested in its in-house lab to ensure that they are in line with the international quality standards. R. P. Gupta, Business Head, TRDP Happy World, states:

Our team of experienced professionals strives continuously to provide the best quality products consistently using state-of-the-art machinery installed at our manufacturing unit. We are the first one in India to come up with full automation for rusk manufacturing and are proud to claim the largest capacity of rusk manufacturing at one single unit.

Today, the company has Asia’s largest rusk manufacturing plant. The products of TRDP Happy World are exported to 30 countries across the globe, including Australasia, the United Kingdom, EU, the US, Canada, and the GCC countries. Major exported products include rusks, instant noodles, and biscuits. Offering customers world-class products, leveraging the caliber of a skilled workforce and participating in overseas F&B trade fairs to tap into new customers and markets have contributed to its success.

Further, TRDP Happy World endeavours to ensure consistent innovation. For example, taking into consideration the fact that people are becoming increasingly becoming health conscious, it has created a new range of diet rusks. In fact, it is the first brand in the country to come up with such a product. Made with French technology to give Mario Toast a perfect texture, color, and crunchiness, these rusks use honey as an ingredient instead of sugar.

Over the next few years, the brand seeks to expand its presence in 20 more countries. It sees a lot of untapped export potential in the markets of Africa, South East Asia, and Europe and, therefore, plans to establish its presence in these areas. Further, they are also planning to introduce new innovative products in the market.

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