HR Exports: Growing like the aroma of Basmati

With a rich legacy of 45 years in the Indian rice industry, H.R Exports has established itself as an esteemed manufacturer and exporter through its flagship brand, Shazia Basmati rice.


H.R Exports Pvt. Ltd. is a well-reputed producer, miller, processor, and exporter of a variety of basmati and non-basmati rice from India. It basks in the glory of its hero product- Shazia Basmati rice. The distinct aroma and exceptional length of its rice have brought international acclaim to the company. People around the world relish their Basmati rice in various dishes such as Biryani, Bukhari and Mandi, among others. Forty-five years of rich involvement in the Indian rice industry along with immense product knowledge and amazing pricing strategies have helped the company expand its exporting network to over 80 countries across the globe. Some of the major countries include:

  • UK, Switzerland, Spain, Netherland and Germany in Europe
  • Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Yemen, Oman, Qatar, Palestine, Lebanon, UAE and Turkey in the Middle East
  • Egypt, Ethiopia, Uganda, Mozambique, Comoros, South Africa and Nigeria in Africa
  • Iraq, Iran, Maldives, Brunei and Bangladesh in Asia

The company is ISO 22000:2005 certified with its headquarters in Delhi and two other offices in the United Kingdom and Dubai. Equipped with a brilliant team, H.R exports is also a top-notch contract manufacturer of quality rice. They have a skilled packing team with the ability to attractively bag products in different sizes and materials. The logistics team ensures safe and timely delivery of its products and the market research team endeavors to provide customers with the best offers and information tailored according to the market. Further, their representatives can be found at all major global exhibitions. They also own an in-house lab that keeps a regular tab on the quality of rice before each consignment is dispatched.

Shazia has carved a niche for itself owing to superior quality, assurance, and consistency. In order to meet the expectations of its customers, the company introduced a dedicated market research team that constantly monitors evolving market conditions and consumer perception so as to tailor the product for consistency.  The company also introduced P2C care which ensured premium quality, taste, and texture in the end product that reached the customer. All these customer-centered initiatives, along with an aesthetically dressed package, helped Shazia Basmati rice to earn the goodwill that it stands on today. The other two brands that the company operates through are Zara and Shireen.

H.R exports is actively engaged on all social media platforms and has a dedicated website with all details about their company. Their creative content is regularly updated to serve customers with all latest happenings and information. Also, they leverage data analytics to derive valuable insights for decision-making. Customers are reached out through online surveys and campaigns. Virtual exhibitions and one on one meetings have found a way into the daily operations of the company.

Looking forwards, H.R exports plans on diversifying its portfolio. They wish to create innovative products that the industry has never witnessed before. They also plan to adopt ultra-modern technology and increase focus on content creation to expand their digital reach. A seamless service where customers can access all their order details in a single tap is being curated. Touching new global markets and growing in the regions where they are still in their initial states is also a pertinent target.

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