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Mr. Ravindra Raghuwanshi, CEO, Winner Electronics

Established in 1985, Winner Electronics formerly produced selenium plates for manual photocopying, selenium drums, cadmium sulphide drums, Amorphous photoconductive drums, OPC, electronics components for photocopier machines. However, in 2005 we decided to diversify into vacuum packing machines. Now, we manufacture vacuum packing solutions, systems, vacuum pumps, and pneumatic sealers especially for pharmaceutical applications and SPMs (Special Purpose Machines) for any applications. We are the number one supplier of vacuum packing solutions in India and have also expanded in more than 23 countries.
We use quality components/parts and tested raw materials for manufacturing our machines. We ensure longevity and after-sale services. We have designed our machines in a way that they can easily be opened and repaired by our customers, with our online guidance. We always stock necessary parts for replacement. We provide free online service for a lifetime.
At Winner Electronics, every machine has a new and innovative approach towards it. Our customized solutions are built to cater to the unique requirements of our customers. Currently, we are concentrating on SPMs for a wide range of applications.

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