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Mr. Anthony D’souza, Managing Director, Mespack India Pvt. Ltd

Founded in Barcelona, Spain, Mespack India Pvt. Ltd is a global company manufacturing packaging machines. Our company was established in India in 2005, to directly connecting with customers and be the leading provider of packaging solutions in India and South Asia. We are well-known for our Horizontal Form Fill Sealing (HFFS) machines and our high-quality equipment termed as ‘plug and play’.
The packaging needs of our customers are addressed with product solutions that ensure integrity and quality. We cater to FMCG, pharma, and agricultural industries. We are also venturing into segments like pesticides, engineering goods, nutritional supplements, etc. In the last 10 years, we have strengthened our position in India with an installation base of 400 machines and growing rapidly beyond. Our aftersales service record is impeccable, internationally and in India. We remain synonymous with customer trust and loyalty.
Innovation plays an important role in our success. We are constantly evolving to match technological advancements like Industry 4.0, IoT, etc. Packaging is essential for every product that is produced. We strive to learn, adapt, modify and create new innovative concepts which are user-friendly and eco-friendly. We try to make the best of every opportunity with our strong R&D team. We believe in supporting the futures of our coming generations by ensuring sustainability and creating a circular economy. With the world looking for more sustainable approaches, our product lines have taken the centre stage.

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