Center for Advanced Trade Research

CATR is well thought conceptualized institution of economists and researchers in TPCI. The institution indulges in trade research in order to facilitate its diversified stakeholders including Government and industry with inputs on trade and economic development matters. This institution has evolved as a premier institution on trade matters based on the model, thought & executed with key pillars and activities as described below in brief.

Key Pillars of CATR

  • Focus
    CATR focuses on quantitative and qualitative trade research using primary and secondary data sources. Vivid modelling and econometric tools are applied for getting deeper insights.
  • Stakeholder Consultation
    We take consensus from our stakeholders, eclectic export associations and erudite scholars and policy makers for our ground level and primary research.
  • Publications
    We regularly publish research papers, reports and studies related to global trade and trade policies. We actively participate in national and international seminars and conference.
  • Training
    We also provide training and orientation programmes in international trade research, data analysis, software tools applicable in international trade.

Activities of CATR

  • Data Research & Analysis
    • Global and Domestic Trade Analysis
    • Country specific and Product specific trade analysis
    • Foreign Trade Agreements (FTAs), Preferential Trade Agreements (PTA) & Multilateral Trade Agreements (MTA) Analysis
  • Policy Documents
    • Periodical policy reviews
    • Pre-budget proposals
    • FDI/ JV/ Investment studies
  • Trade Remedies
    • Anti-Dumping Measures
    • Safeguards against surge in imports
    • Anti-subsidy investigations
    • Trade Defence on investigations against Indian manufacturers and exporters
  • Analyzing various industry subject
    • NTBs / Standardization measures
    • Suggesting suitable changes for enhancement of trade